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Seasonal WORK Opportunities 

2012 Harvest season is the time for kiwifruit picking work and packhouse dayshift (8 - 7pm) or packhouse nightshift 8 - 7am. While we are helping people find work etc we also need a helpful girl Au Pair / housekeeper to help at home, we can also need help with hostel cleaning & night security.

All workers need valid working permitsworking holiday visaIRD number and a bank account

and be prepared to work 1-3 months.

Most of the work in this area is seasonal kiwifruit work.

Kiwifruit jobs are available in the Te Puke area for about 10 months of the year.

How we can help:

At Hairy Berry, we help people find jobs by networking with employers in the area who are looking for seasonal staff. We have a great reputation and aim to place people in work within a few days of arriving. People with no transport obviously need to allow more time to arrange transport. You are expected to stay in our backpackers for the time the job lasts and we do offer great seasonal worker rates. Hairy Berry is also an associate member of the kiwifruit contractors association, we refer people to trustworthy employers who are expected to pay good rates (at least minimum pay) and all taxes paid directly to IRD.

Kiwifruit work is suitable for most willing reliable workers; you need to be over 5 foot tall to work in orchards and is best to plan to work for 1- 3 months or so. Transport and training can be arranged if required, but it is an advantage to have your own transport.

Can you Gaurantee me a job? - I will come if or when I have a job...

We understand the uncertainty of travelling somewhere in search of work then finding there is no work when you arrive. Obviously we would love to gaurantee but we are not the employers and travellers need to understand the nature of seasonal work - (is seasonal, uncertain, weather dependant, export orders etc)

Basically employers will not hold jobs open, they will take the first suitable & available people - so you simply need to be here and available in order to secure any jobs!

How long will I have to wait for work to start & what can I do while I wait?

If you EXPECT to arrive and walk into a job the next day - GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!!!   On occasions this can happen - but this should be considered VERY LUCKY TIMING. We recommend people be prepared to stay generally at a week or two - we do aim to help people find work as soon as possible, but please be patient & know we will be working hard for you. While you are waiting we hope you can enjoy our area, there are many things to see and do in the area and take part in any special events.

What Jobs are available and When?

The main harvest season (picking in the Orchards & packing in the Packhouses) starts in March & continues through to the end of June. Picking Gold kiwifruit usually starts first and has to be picked with more gentle hands so is paid at hourly rates. The teams move onto Picking green kiwifruit is generally paid by contract rates ($$$ per Bin) this involves working in teams of 10-12 people, whatever the team earns is shared with everyone working in that team.

There are lots Packhouses in the Te Puke area, offering both Day and Night shifts; 8 – 12 hour shifts over 5 to 6 days per week. There are a number of jobs available within a packhouse such as; packing, tray prep, tray lining, stacking, grading, forklift drivers, documenting, lab assistants, most work is paid hourly, nigh tshift workers are often paid $1 more per hour.

The post harvest work (winter pruning and re-packing) follows the harvest season, starting towards the end of June and continues to Sept/Oct). Winter pruning is paid at contract rates and involves cutting the canes (using long handled cutters) & tying down the canes to the wire framework overhead, using small clips. Training is required and many employers are prepared to train new people (early in the season) if they commit to stay and work the season. This is hard work and suits men and couples can also do ok. Winter pruners are generally expected to purchase their own tools ($150 approx this is for long handled shears, hand secateurs and a clip bag), good equipment is important so you can make more money. Some employers also offer our backpackers tie down work which does not require purchasing of tools (contract rates and hourly may apply).

Packhouses store the packed kiwifruit in giant chillers, when export orders need to be filled they check the fruit and re-pack to fill orders. Generally are dayshift hours offering 8 – 12 hour shifts over 5 to 6 days per week. Most work is paid hourly.

Other jobs during post-harvest season (June till September) may include some hourly work pruning gold, stringing, training new plants, bud counting, grafting etc.

The summer pruning programme begins (Sept/Oct – Dec/March) and is generally paid hourly (at least minimum pay). The (kiwifruit) summer pruning, fruit thinning work is easy and suits most people.


Hairy Berry is a backpacker hostel; we can help people find seasonal work while they are staying in our hostel. We are not the seasonal work employers and cannot guarantee start dates or jobs prior to arrival.


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